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Health and Safety

Friendly, straight-talking and on your side, our Health and Safety experts are here to take the confusion out of Health and Safety compliance.

Whether you want technology-only, a low-tech template service, or a complete on-site competent person to assist, our tailored solutions are able to flex, ensuring you cover all the Health and Safety aspects you need. Our tiered services allow you to naturally progress to more people-focussed support as required.

Our consultants are not just knowledgeable, they care, giving you the confidence that you’re fully supported by a large, highly-qualified team. There will always be someone there for you who’s friendly, straight-talking and on your side. Even better, our online software tools help save you time, and if you’d prefer to speak to someone directly, you can always pick up the phone. Should the worst happen, we’re here. After any incident, we are on hand to help.

Areas we cover

  • Health and Safety documentation
  • Site visit audits and reports
  • Risk assessments and method statements
  • Accident support and investigation
  • Food safety
  • Fire and electrical safety testing and servicing
  • Safe operating procedures
  • Training
  • Specialist surveys and assessments

Case Study

Pope & Meads Ltd

 “We use all of the services that The Citation Group provide. To replace them with somebody with the same amount of knowledge across the same range of fields would cost us a lot more than we’re currently paying.

Rob Bennett – Quality Manager, Pope & Meads Ltd

The Citation Group provide Pope & Meads with a range of Health & Safety assessments and an audit report every year to make sure they know exactly what needs to be done to remain compliant, allowing them to tackle potential issues before they arise.  

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Peace of mind

Don’t worry. You’ll know that your Health & Safety processes, procedures and documentation are always fit for purpose.

Full protection

Protect your employees and your business from fines, reputational damage and prosecution with full Health & Safety compliance.


Instantly access all of your Health & Safety documents and processes from one intuitive, secure portal.

Expert support

Highly-qualified and highly-experienced Health & Safety experts are always on-hand to give you the support you need, including fire and electrical safety.

Resources at your fingertips

Don’t re-invent the wheel. Access over 1,000 risk assessment templates, or ask us for proactive on-site assistance.

Flexible training

Improve your skills in a way that suits your needs. Choose from elearning, phone consultations and face-to-face meetings, or your preferred blend of methods.

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