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Your partner, not provider

Think of us as the ultimate business pit crew. We’re not cold authority figures – we genuinely back the businesses we work with and want to power them toward their goals.

We go beyond the basics

HR and Health & Safety are our bread and butter, but we’ve grown to offer so much more to give small businesses all the tools they need to succeed.

Here for you, 24/7

With hundreds of expert consultants based in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, you can rely on us to be there whenever you need us. Here with 24/7 advice line, you’ll never be on your own.

25,795 five-star reviews
and counting across The Citation Group

What our customers say:

Atlas has truly transformed how I manage my employees and handle Health & Safety documentation. The software’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive features have made it an indispensable tool in my business arsenal. I highly recommend Atlas to any business owner looking to simplify employee management and streamline Health & Safety processes.

Issac Glanville Xenozz Group Ltd

More from our clients

Ian Hadley
Operations Director – Minster Cleaning

“I don’t think we could stop using Citation. We need the service they provide – we couldn’t survive without it. We’ve looked at the possibility of employing direct staff for HR & Employment Law and it’s just not feasible for a company of our size.”

Antonio Prada
Owner – Mayfair Residential Care Home

“Moving to Citation was a big player in us managing to achieve such a dramatic growth back to ‘Good’ across the board. I don’t think we’d have achieved it as quickly without Citation.”

Tim Bell
Commercial Manager – Horticulture Trade Association

“We’re really proud of the relationship we have with Citation because, not only do they understand our businesses, but they also understand the way that the HTA works and we’re therefore extremely comfortable to talk about Citation as a partnered business.”

Caroline El-Semman
Director – Little Jungle Nursery

“If I stopped using Citation tomorrow I’d be really anxious, all of the time. They’re just my right-hand man that I have behind me […] I can’t imagine my life without Citation basically – for me, they’re there forever, it’s complete peace of mind.”

Samantha Wadey
Business Manager – Donnington House

“If we stopped using Citation tomorrow, it would be a disaster. It’s like having a whole team but we don’t pay them to be here all the time.”

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