As we head toward the end of 2023 – as with the end of any year – it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect on where we are as a Group, and what we want to project out as we head into a new year.

This is why I’m thrilled to take this opportunity to announce our refreshed brand identity and new website. This project afforded us the perfect opportunity to consider the incredible growth journey we’ve been on, as well as stand firm and proud in our ambitions for 2024 and well beyond.

Chris Morris Group CEO

Years of growth, change and expansion

Over the last 10 years, the Group has really been through nothing short of a complete transformation, and there are particular milestone markers we’ve passed that I believe are worth celebrating:

  • Double digit organic growth – we now serve over 120,000 clients across our portfolio of brands worldwide, which means more businesses get the benefit of our industry-leading breadth of products and services.
  • International expansion into Australia, New Zealand and Canada – we’ve truly realised our ambition to become a global Group with stellar international acquisitions taking us into new territories and continents.
  • A broader and more diverse product offering – we’re more relevant for the businesses of today and provide a huge range of compliance and certification solutions for SMEs. This expansion – coupled with significant investment in our software platform – means we can make an even greater impact on our clients’ ESG goals.

A refreshed brand identity and website

We needed a refreshed brand and new website that reflects these significant changes, one that speaks to the bigger impact we now make on the world.

Our new website features a modern, sleeker design, a new site structure that better reflects our expanded, industry-leading products and services, as well as simpler and more intuitive navigation. But most importantly, it tells the incredible journey of our growth and agility in an ever more dynamic world.

It’s not just us that’s changing – the businesses we support are facing unprecedented levels of change and challenge, being stretched across many different priorities – from how to deliver the best product or service in a competitive marketplace, ensuring they’re up to date with their legal responsibilities, to retaining their workforce and understanding how to do business in a more sustainable way.

It was a vital step in this brand and website transformation process that we always keep what the SME owner is facing at the core of what we do, highlighting how we can lighten that burden and empower them to build better businesses.

The never-changing core of The Citation Group

Change and transformation is our lifeblood, but through that transformation we strive to remain true to the values and beliefs that sit at our core – supporting and championing SMEs to build better, safer and more sustainable businesses.

We protect businesses through four unchanging pillars, taking care of the mission-critical elements and freeing up their time to focus on building tomorrow.

  • We protect businesses – from background screening checks and cybersecurity to Health & Safety advice – we keep businesses safe and secure.
  • We protect people – from absence management, e-learning and development right through to employment law and HR advice – we boost productivity and build happier, healthier workplaces.
  • We protect reputations – from ISO certification to SSIP accreditation– we help businesses reach higher standards, so they can win bigger and better contracts.
  • And we protect the environment – from managing waste to demonstrating a commitment to the environment, we help businesses set themselves up for a greener future.

Change – be that through brand identity, acquisitions that complement and broaden our offering and product innovation – will always be in service to better support small businesses internationally, empowering them to create a better world for tomorrow.

So, here’s to a bright future and striving to build better businesses, to create a better world.


Chris Morris
Group CEO

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